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Exquisitely repurposed glass Vetrazzo® takes discarded glass like… … decommissioned traffic lights … windshields … used bottles … plate glass windows …and transforms it into an exquisite work of art that is the centerpiece of your living, working or playing spaces. Imagine a green world When we say “green,” we’re not talking about the color… The definition of green that we like is that green products solve an environmental problem. Today, more than ever, everyone is claiming to be green. With Vetrazzo, it’s not “greenwashing.” Vetrazzo surfaces give you an alternative to using non-renewable resources (like virgin granite, for example), and provides a new market for recycled glass, including glass that cannot be recycled elsewhere. Even reusing glass to create bottles or fiberglass comes with a HUGE energy cost. So with Vetrazzo, you express your style and values without compromise. By using Vetrazzo surfaces, you show your respect for the earth and the environment: - 100% of the glass we use is recycled - Vetrazzo is made in the U.S. -all material is from the U.S. -workers are paid a living wage… no labor was exploited (sorry, granite) All of the glass used in Vetrazzo is recycled, and it makes up about 85% of the total material. Most of the glass comes from curbside recycling programs. Other glass comes from windows, dinnerware, stemware, windshields, stained glass, laboratory glass, reclaimed glass from building demolition, traffic lights and other unusual sources. Every Vetrazzo surface has its own history. We track that history, and after you purchase and register Vetrazzo, we provide a Certificate of Transformation that tells you where the glass in your Vetrazzo came from. Due to its high recycled content, using Vetrazzo can help your project qualify for LEED certification. Using Vetrazzo can contribute to getting points in the following areas: * Recycled Content Credit MR Credit 4.1 or 4.2 (1 to 2 points) * Regional Materials MR Credit 5.1 and/or 5.2 (1 to 2 points) (within 500 miles of Richmond, CA) Call for bidding

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